Happy Hour 🍻

Happy Hour attempts to digitally recreate the feel of real mixer, with dozens to hundreds of people in multiple video chats.

With twenty people in one video chat, only one person can talk at a time. This feels awkward, because in real life we chat in small groups. Happy Hour gives you many small video chat "tables", allows you to see who is at each one, and easily hop between them.

Just copy this link and send it to all your friends:

Reload the page to generate a different unique link.

Please do NOT post the link on a public web page or Facebook group. ANYONE with the link can join, and sadly, there are some sick people out there who would love to ruin your party. Email or private messages are the best ways to share the link.

Right now, this really only works on computers, not phones.

Created by Ian W. Davis. Open source on Github.